Salman Khan Meme

Introducing the first meme of Salman bandar khan. From now on, you will see more of them here. Enjoy!

Fake Collection of Aamir Khan's PK Movie Caught Red Handed (List)

What do you call a person who scams people? A fraud right? Aamir Khan purely fits the description. Its in his blood! Previously, a few fan pages revealed the fraud he committed with his Ghajini. Indian media was going around saying that it was the first movie to cross 100 crore mark. But now we know it made only Rs95 crore. We should start feeling suspicious about Dhoom3's collection also, for this time Aamir Khan has been caught red handed with PK scam. This time not only the collection is fake, but also the buzz.  Like it or not, you have to believe it. Just look at what people around India found out about PK. Every bit of what you will find here is verifiable.

1. PR of Aamir Khan on IMDB submitting the same review by mistake from two different accounts.

Here are the links to two reviews:

Its written by the same person and he actually has the same kind of screen names: Aparihar and Parihar. We urge you to go to IMDB and research on the reviews. We are sure you will find more of the fake reviews. Pay attention to sentences and writing styles. Psychologically, each human has a habit of using specific words. We will give you a crash course on it below by using one of the fake fans of Aamir Khan.

2. Fake Twitter fans caught red handed
Go to twitter and feel free to search for these screen names or type one of the sentences in Google and see them live.

 3. Fake buzz created with fake twitter accounts.
No matter how much Aamir Khan thinks of himself clever, he forgets that criminals always leave a piece of evidence behind. 

4. Viddu Vinod Chopra has a habit of buying tickets of his movies to accelerate fake collection.

5. Neutral people mentioning of empty seats in theater rooms of PK.
6. Moneylife journalist posted a picture of the theater hall where PK was running, but he got attacked by Aamir Khan's trolls

7. Newspapers and Box office sites questioning fake collection of PK.
a. Link:
b. Link:
This is what Bollywood Capsule said:
Aamir Khan starrer ‘PK’ has collected more than Rs. 300 crore at the Indian box-office. But many people have started doubting the genuineness of the reported collections. A business journalist has stated that the number of audiences found in theatres do not justify the humongous collection of the film. 
c. Link:

8. Fake fans come to defend PK at Financial Express
Arun, Avi and Ashu happen to be just one person. It seems that the article of Financial Express given above is under the scanner of Aamir Khan's PR agency. The fake person with the name Arun thinks his comment is enough to make a difference. You can see that he uses the same idea and same kind of wording to defend PK. But this is not all. The entire comment section has way too many trolls doing the same. In between, you will get glimpse of Arun, Avi and Ashu in the form of Aswin, tp and much more. And yeah, almost all of them are using "I AM SURPRISED BY" in their comments.

Salman Called As Shahrukh Khan in his Face by Sri Lankan Minister (Video)

Last December Salman Bandar went to Sri Lanka with Jacqueline Fernandez to attend a function. He met a Sri Lankan minister. So far so good! But then the bomb dropped on him. The Sri Lankan minister all that time thought Salman was Shahrukh Khan. To make nightmare come true, the minister loudly on the stage called him to give a speech by saying Sharuk Khanta jayawewa which in English means "Honourable Shah Rukh Khan is present with us". At this Mahindra Rajapaksa (President of Sri Lanka) , who was also present there bursted into laughter. Here is the video:
For Sri Lankans, Shahrukh Khan is Bollywood and Bollywood is Shahrukh Khan. The only female they know from the industry is Madhuri Dixit. So you see, they are familiar with and fans of only King Khan and the queen of Bollywood. They didn't like Salman visiting their country. A reporter wrote an open letter to express it. Link given below.

Happy New Year Movie Box Office Collection is Fake (Video)

Bhaitards and Tingutards are in extreme trauma. They are having trouble accepting the fact that Happy New Year is going around breaking every box office collection record. They are thinking Srk bought the media to make them speak of fake collection. We knew they were going to think like that because their own idols are prone to cheating like that. If anyone watches zoom it wont be difficult to figure it out. One great thing about Srkians is that they believe in truth. Its a motto of Srkians to talk with evidence. That is why they have designed a video that 100 percent proves that Happy New Year's box office collection is real. And yes, it is free of media intervention.  Note that this video can give heart attack to haters. It shows what Japanense title as tsunami.

Must Watch: Salman Khan Anthem

Before, a girl sang a song about king khan and dedicated it to him as Shahrukh khan Anthem. When Salman heard about it he as usual ended up with a Srk attack. To save him, his public relation people posed as his bhaitards and released an Anthem just for him. It is almost an autobiography of his life. You will find in it his Toyota Land Cruiser, his affairs, black buck and above all his family. That is why, the title of the song is dysfunctional family. This is how it looks:

We are sure the haters will give it maximum likes. Here are the lyrics of the track:

I'm a punk I'm a sinner
I'm lost new beginner
(I'm halfways giving up)
I'm a thread to myself
I'm a get armargeddon
I'm a freak I'm a liar
I'm a flirt I deny that I'm not good

And sometimes I feel like
I'm only one
No wonder why I've become
So dum so dum di dum di dum

I get more and more strange
I'm going insane I'm building it up
Just to break it down
It get what you see
It's my destiny
The product of a dysfunctional family

Dysfunctional, dysfunctional
Dysfunctional family

I'm a bit suicidal
I'm my own worst rival
Trainwreck, white trash, freak, maniac, psycho
I'm a troublemaking rebel
Made a deal with the devil
I'm way past ever coming back

But sometimes I feel like
I'm not the only one
When I see why I've become
So dum, so dum di dum di dum

I get more and more strange
I'm going insane I'm building it up
Just to break it down
It's my destiny
The product of a


I'm not anybody
Don't you cry for me
I'm just from a dysfunctional family

Family family family family

Bakra Eid Greetings from Salman Khan

Salman khan has been posting one greeting after another for Eid Festival. Looks like he is truly excited about it.

Bhaitards Traumatized by Srk's 8 Pack Abs

Yes, it is true. What happened was that few months ago, TATA's VFX company proudly posted a video and picture of how they replaced Salman bandar's tummy with 6 pack abs. The stuffs got viral and newspapers picked them up as you can see below:
Bhaitards scared to face this reality came to "delusion" that it was some kind of photoshop work done by Srkian. This certainly is an honor for us. This just tells that our work looks fully real. Few weeks ago, King khan amazed the world with his 8 pack abs. It traumatized the bhaitards and since they are prone to doing dishonest stuff, they made a photoshop of fake VFX as a way to misguide everyone into thinking that his abs were fake. But they got caught. What they did was use invert option from Photoshop to do their caricature work. Also how Srk gained his muscles came on tv. His diet was also listed by newspapers.

Now this is the condition of bhaitards.