Must Watch: Salman Khan Anthem

Before, a girl sang a song about king khan and dedicated it to him as Shahrukh khan Anthem. When Salman heard about it he as usual ended up with a Srk attack. To save him, his public relation people posed as his bhaitards and released an Anthem just for him. It is almost an autobiography of his life. You will find in it his Toyota Land Cruiser, his affairs, black buck and above all his family. That is why, the title of the song is dysfunctional family. This is how it looks:

We are sure the haters will give it maximum likes. Here are the lyrics of the track:

I'm a punk I'm a sinner
I'm lost new beginner
(I'm halfways giving up)
I'm a thread to myself
I'm a get armargeddon
I'm a freak I'm a liar
I'm a flirt I deny that I'm not good

And sometimes I feel like
I'm only one
No wonder why I've become
So dum so dum di dum di dum

I get more and more strange
I'm going insane I'm building it up
Just to break it down
It get what you see
It's my destiny
The product of a dysfunctional family

Dysfunctional, dysfunctional
Dysfunctional family

I'm a bit suicidal
I'm my own worst rival
Trainwreck, white trash, freak, maniac, psycho
I'm a troublemaking rebel
Made a deal with the devil
I'm way past ever coming back

But sometimes I feel like
I'm not the only one
When I see why I've become
So dum, so dum di dum di dum

I get more and more strange
I'm going insane I'm building it up
Just to break it down
It's my destiny
The product of a


I'm not anybody
Don't you cry for me
I'm just from a dysfunctional family

Family family family family

Bakra Eid Greetings from Salman Khan

Salman khan has been posting one greeting after another for Eid Festival. Looks like he is truly excited about it.

Bhaitards Traumatized by Srk's 8 Pack Abs

Yes, it is true. What happened was that few months ago, TATA's VFX company proudly posted a video and picture of how they replaced Salman bandar's tummy with 6 pack abs. The stuffs got viral and newspapers picked them up as you can see below:
Bhaitards scared to face this reality came to "delusion" that it was some kind of photoshop work done by Srkian. This certainly is an honor for us. This just tells that our work looks fully real. Few weeks ago, King khan amazed the world with his 8 pack abs. It traumatized the bhaitards and since they are prone to doing dishonest stuff, they made a photoshop of fake VFX as a way to misguide everyone into thinking that his abs were fake. But they got caught. What they did was use invert option from Photoshop to do their caricature work. Also how Srk gained his muscles came on tv. His diet was also listed by newspapers.

Now this is the condition of bhaitards.

Aamir Khan Reveals Getting Kicked Out of Darr

Tingutards were saying that Darr was rejected by Tingu. An interview piece that we received few days ago shows another story. Here is the screenshot:

Big Boss 8 Promo Poster of Salman Khan (Graphic Content)

Salgay is doing Big Boss 8 to save our electricity (TV will be off). This time he is going one step farther with the promotion. Perhaps, it is because of Happy New Year of Srk. Last time, we saw Gaymir going full nude as his only option to get at least 2 rupee buzz. Now, its Salgay's time. See the poster of the big boss 8 promo at your own risk. Its given below and hidden on homepage for a reason. Don't see it if you suffer from Trypophobia. Even the authors of this blog had to keep their eyes closed during the uploading of this poster. Yes, we suffer from Trypophobia.

Eid Greetings

This is for all Salgay haters.
This is for Srkians.

Salman Khan's PR Employees Exposed

Internet is now a great marketing tool. Even animals use it and gain benefits. The public relationship agency that Salman khan hires understands this well. They have their people working all day and night to brush up the garbage personality and movies of this criminal. Today, we will expose these people. You can count on me. One of my concentrations in university was marketing. Let's get started then.

1. Anita Ophilia: This is a loyal employee, but probably took marketing classes too seriously. Here is glimpse of her comment:
This year's most awaited movie, Salman Khan's 'Kick' too released in this holy week. And going by the reviews the film is all set to break all records at the box office. While the 'Khans' of Bollywood and their love for this date has always worked in their favour, let's take a look at the films that released on Eid in the last couple of years and their box office collection.

Go look at her profile

2. This is the most interesting one. Employee caught red handed here.Enlarge the screenshot.  She was using two names (Simi and Naina). The mistake she made was forgetting that she was to pretend to be Naina while replying to a comment she made as Simi. She corrected it on right. She then came back as a guy.

3. Okay, so when a big movie releases, it starts to get reviews quite fast on IMDB. People don't wait any longer. What is going on with KickSalman'sAss movie? It has rating of 6.3 which is unusually high for his film. There were 476 votes, but 0 reviews. We saved the html version of the page as proof. Now going to the vote report page shows unusual demographic breakdown. Have a look.
Naturally, celebrities have both male and female fans. Salman also have female bhaitards. But the blue bar above shows a massive number of male voters and extremely less number of female voters. Usually, trivial rating giving task is done by men aged 18 through 29. It earns little money for which older men with jobs do not go to this kind of Internet PR task. Most of Salman's fans fall between the age range of 14 to 19. Rest of those who are over that range come from below middle class and do low level jobs. Bhaitards are limited to bollywood sites. They never skip reviewing their "bhai's" film as bb and all. But on IMDB, reviews are fully missing, proving that he bought the votes.

4. And here is Zoom's photoshopped picture that they were using to improve his image.