What Aamir Should be Ashamed of

Couple of days ago, we heard that our tingu grandfather Aamir khan said he is ashamed of people who endorse whitening products. This is a dig at King Shahrukh Khan because he did an ad on one of them. Oh well, we want Aamir khan to get out of jealousy mode for a while and see his own reality.
I am sure Amir will turn a blind eye to it as well. I mean who really takes Rs3cr for a show about social issues?

Srk watching Jai Ho Is Fake News

Its funny that whenever a movie is heading towards disaster all other actors and their minions begin to use Srk's name to make them hit. In the past, we showed you what Ajay Devgn fans were planning to help Himmatwala. Click here to see it. There is no denying to the fact that Srk and his fans have are the ultimate ingredients for a delicious blockbuster. Think about Kkrish 3. Sure its collection is manipulated, but the hidden collection was not that bad either. The film saw heavy promotion from mainly Srkians. Twitter was one platform where it occured. Then think about Dhoom3. Every angle, every movement, every single item of the movie depends on Srk's movies and persona. The result is blockbuster. Salman bandar has a habit to use Srk's name before the release of his every movie. A few days before the release of his Ek tha bandar, he said he wanted to work with King khan. Before the relase of Jail Ho, he said the same. But as we keep saying, you can't fool Srkians. They know Salgay's mentality very well for which they don't fall for his lies. Now that Jail Ho has turned out to be a flop, but still in theater, bhaitards are trying their best to use Srk's name to get the movie recover its money. So they came up with a fake tweet where they Srk saying "Watching Jai Ho with Daughter and Son". Some stupid news sites like Times of India and all, pick up this news and start to publish articles on it. The hilarious fact is that they intentionally skip the idea of checking Srk's twitter just to make sure that their article looks credible. That tweet does not exist. Go ahead, check it yourself https://twitter.com/iamsrk. Also he does not ever use "daughter n son" in tweets. He either calls them by name or use "kids" as the main word. Now here is something funnier than this, his son is not India at all. He is studying in Britain and yes, his school is open for which he simply can't come to India
just like that.

Srk Hate Page Admin Turns out to be Terrorist (Seriously Be Aware)

Terrorists tend to be the byproduct of bigger rich fish. They are brainwashed to believe that they are actually doing social work, but we all know violence and division can never do any good. There are already reports that terrorists these days have started using social networking platforms to push their hateful agendas. This is not anymore a rare case in India and Pakistan. In these two countries, extremists and terrorists love to create communal tensions just about the slightest thing. But most often, they make every effort to spread false information to garner more terrorists to make their agendas successful.

Shahrukh khan, a very important treasure of India has been vicitim of this million times. Some years ago, a newspaper false line about him saying something bad about Prophet Muhammad. The paper later apologized for the misprint. It is too easy to figure out that a man who hides doing charity to respect the words of his religion will never go around saying stupid stuff about his Prophet. However, some Pakistani extremists still published a hate page about him on Facebook and kept brainwashing people against him. That page no more exists. Then came the Indian terrorists' turn. Do you know a page called Srk is Foolish? The admin of this page is actually a hindu terrorist. Much of  it was figured out from his ongoing insult against Muslims and Pakistan found on his page. Okay, when you make a hate page against a celebrity you will concentrate only on bashing him. Check any hate page opened against Salman khan, Ajay Devgn or any other actor. None insults any race or religion. But Srk is Foolish is very much into it. Some of their posts are outragious, but truly smell terrorist mentality.

Pakistan definitely is not the only agenda the terrorist admin of Srk is Foolish is interested in. In fact, he has been trying his best to cause disruption also in India. See below.
Rape itself is an insulting word that should not be used against anyone. But what can we expect from a terrorist? Do you see how he is using a celebrity hate page to instigate people against their own country? You can see in the screenshot that someone named Mehul is recommending others to rape Priyanka Gandhi. It sees the page's agenda is showing success. By the way, the admin actually did confess that he does not hate Srk. We will have the screenshot here very soon. But this does make his activities more suspecious. What is funny is that he keeps changing his Facebook profiles or keeps making new ones. As far as we know, terrorists tend to do this to hide their actual identity. It is hundred percent confirmed that he is a hindu extremist. In between he does bring in photos of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The admin has hatred towards women too and works hard to promote violence against them. Here is a sample:
The terrorist has 0 amount of respect for women in private life too. Here is a post that shows how he insults his own girlfriend in public. Yes, she is a Srk fan and has been seen at Zoom channel page defending Srk with all her heart. But she never insulted her own terrorist boyfriend.

Jai Ho Ticket Price: Lies of Salman and his Fans Caught Red Handed

Salman bandar and his bhaitards have been going around lying that ticket price of Jai Ho is 50% less. Here is a sample of this:
His retarded followers even tried to do math to prove that Jai Ho actually did better than Chennai Express and Dhoom 3.

Now we show you the truth. They were saying D3 had 900 Rs ticket hike right? Now see the real tickets of Jai Ho.

Lesson to learn from this is that nobody in this world should ever trust Salman fans because they are liars and above all big criminals.

Salman Crying Because of Jail Ho's Record Breaking Poor Opening

Couple of years we saw the bandar flying in the sky thinking he turned into some kind of bird. However, Jail Ho's poor opening finally showed him he was mere a chimp from Sundarban. He cried a lot. Good news is that we have clip of this. See it for yourself.

Exclusive: A page from Salman's Personal Diary

Salman Khan diary likh raha tha…
"Aaj meri bahan key yaha baby honay wala hai…
Pata nahi ladka hoga ya ladki…
Iseliye mujhe yeh bhi pata nahi,
Ki mai mama banouga ya mami."

2013 Christmas and Birthday Pictures of Salman Khan

Salman khan and his husband released the following pictures from their Christmas and birthday parties.