Big Boss 8 Promo Poster of Salman Khan (Graphic Content)

Salgay is doing Big Boss 8 to save our electricity (TV will be off). This time he is going one step farther with the promotion. Perhaps, it is because of Happy New Year of Srk. Last time, we saw Gaymir going full nude as his only option to get at least 2 rupee buzz. Now, its Salgay's time. See the poster of the big boss 8 promo at your own risk. Its given below and hidden on homepage for a reason. Don't see it if you suffer from Trypophobia. Even the authors of this blog had to keep their eyes closed during the uploading of this poster. Yes, we suffer from Trypophobia.

Eid Greetings

This is for all Salgay haters.
This is for Srkians.

Salman Khan's PR Employees Exposed

Internet is now a great marketing tool. Even animals use it and gain benefits. The public relationship agency that Salman khan hires understands this well. They have their people working all day and night to brush up the garbage personality and movies of this criminal. Today, we will expose these people. You can count on me. One of my concentrations in university was marketing. Let's get started then.

1. Anita Ophilia: This is a loyal employee, but probably took marketing classes too seriously. Here is glimpse of her comment:
This year's most awaited movie, Salman Khan's 'Kick' too released in this holy week. And going by the reviews the film is all set to break all records at the box office. While the 'Khans' of Bollywood and their love for this date has always worked in their favour, let's take a look at the films that released on Eid in the last couple of years and their box office collection.

Go look at her profile

2. This is the most interesting one. Employee caught red handed here.Enlarge the screenshot.  She was using two names (Simi and Naina). The mistake she made was forgetting that she was to pretend to be Naina while replying to a comment she made as Simi. She corrected it on right. She then came back as a guy.

3. Okay, so when a big movie releases, it starts to get reviews quite fast on IMDB. People don't wait any longer. What is going on with KickSalman'sAss movie? It has rating of 6.3 which is unusually high for his film. There were 476 votes, but 0 reviews. We saved the html version of the page as proof. Now going to the vote report page shows unusual demographic breakdown. Have a look.
Naturally, celebrities have both male and female fans. Salman also have female bhaitards. But the blue bar above shows a massive number of male voters and extremely less number of female voters. Usually, trivial rating giving task is done by men aged 18 through 29. It earns little money for which older men with jobs do not go to this kind of Internet PR task. Most of Salman's fans fall between the age range of 14 to 19. Rest of those who are over that range come from below middle class and do low level jobs. Bhaitards are limited to bollywood sites. They never skip reviewing their "bhai's" film as bb and all. But on IMDB, reviews are fully missing, proving that he bought the votes.

4. And here is Zoom's photoshopped picture that they were using to improve his image.

Questions for Bhaitards

You say Salgay is the most original person in Bollywood.
Our Question: Then why does he keep working in remakes and why are majority of his songs are stolen from some other places?

You say Salgay has a big heart.
Our Question: Then why did he dance at a riot hit place and then when asked about it he refused to apologize? Why didn't he help the man get at least prosthetic legs after Salgay's SUV left him crippled?

You Say Salgay's film poster can make 100cr.
Our Question: Then why does he fear doing movies in other genres? Why is going on doing masala films?

You say he is the most eligible bachor in Bollywood.
Our question: Why no woman wants to marry him? He is now in his late 40's. After only a few years, he will be known as elderly and lonely.
You say he deserves oscar for his acting.
Our question: Then why didn't Yash Chopra and Maani Ratnam ever direct him?

You say Salgay is fair.
Our question: Then why did he tell the big boss contestants to respect Tanisha because of her link to one of the biggest Bollywood families?

Requirements to Fulfill to Become Salman Khan's fan aka Bhaitard

Becoming Salman fan by far is the toughest because it requires fulfilling certain requirements already set by him and present bhaitards. Here is the list:
1. Have a criminal record
2. Be dumped by every single girlfriend
3. For girls, accept physical violence from every single boyfriend
4. Buy and wear a being human tshirt, but make sure you do the opposite  of what human beings are all about (hint: behave like a pig, skunk or snake)
5. Work hard to be so illiterate that others get stumped by your stupidity. See real life example below.
6. Delete self esteem from your life. 

Amazing Things You Never Knew About Salman Khan

It is common for all these days to hit the net to learn about their favorite celebrities. Janwars do this also. iPad is used by monkeys and iPhone is a must have for all the criminals who have low IQ considering the fact that smartphone is very much trackable. We get many vistors to the site who want to know not just whether Salman is gay, but also learn more about other things about him. Today, we'll get you some fun facts about him. Most of these have already been mentioned here. Yet we'll give you an extra dose of it. So let's get started.

1. Salman Khan is the only celebrity of India with record number of cases lurking in police station.

2. He is the only star from India who gave a record breaking flop from maximum number of screens and ticket price hike.

3. Salman Khan has a thing for young boys. Ranbir Kapoor on national channel once told that Salman tried to get closer to him. In fact, the gay started chewing on to his shirt. This is, however, was not the last time. There is a possibility that he got Jiah Khan killed to get Sooraj Pancholi who these days spend more time in Salman's farm house. Below is another victim. You don't pull pants of someone above 13 unless you are a pervert.
3. Chaar Bottle Vodka of Honey Singh was based on Salman Khan.
4. Pappu Can't Dance Sala was based on him also. The last few lines, however, are about Aamir khan himself (Papa kehte hai bada naam karega), Fardeen Khan (pappu ke paas hai MBA & karta hai France mein holiday), Saif Ali Khan (pappu guitar bajata hai) and King Khan (jahan jaata hai chaa jaata hai). Okay, why would Aamir Khan make a nasty song about Salman khan anyways? Perhaps, its because he was angry that Shera Salman Dulhania ko Legaya? 

5. Salman allegedly has an affair going on with CEO of Zoom tv, Avinash Kaul. Love is blind. That's why, you see how Zoom is always trying to go one step forward in covering this criminal's crimes. 

6. Salman Khan is the only thing in the world whose pic was taken before he was born. See blow.

Sooraj Pancholi Married to Salman Khan?

Just in, a photo leaked two days ago shows Sooraj Pancholi in wedding suit and Salman in red saaree. We wonder whether Shera has any idea about this. Since India still does not recognize gay marriage there is no way to know whether this second marriage of Salman can be taken as illegal.
As you can see, this marriage is very special to Mrs Pancholi Singh (Last names of Sooraj and Shera). The blue stone from his bracelet is the wedding ring of his new husband. Don't be surprised by this. Come on, it runs in his blood. Salim Khan too has two wives. Why wouldn't his gay beta do the same?