Greatest Comparison: Srk Vs Salman Fans

1. Salman fans are like Al Qaida terrorists. They are very little in number but always cause trouble to disrupt the peace.  Srk fans are like NATO who are more in number and that is also from around the world.  They fight against these terrorists with advanced weapons.

2. Salman khan fans are tapoories, rickshawalas and criminals by profession. Srk fans are educated. One Salman fan even murdered someone by being inspired from a Wanted dialogue. The rest are proud that Salman killed people. Just see the screenshot.

3. When King Khan fans make jokes about Salman they only speak facts. Some examples are: he is a criminal, unmarried for way too long and obsessed with his security guard Shera. Meanwhile, Salman Khan fans lie that Srk is gay, old and does not know acting. Come on, where is the evidence of this? Srk and Salgay are of same age.

4. Shahrukh Khan fans make extremely real funny pics of Salman. They make him look totally natural. Salman fans copy them, but their photoshop work is so bad that we are sure that the creators got F in their digital art class. Just see below.

5. Salman fans are scared of Srk’s success. So they try to sabotage the collection of his movie by standing next to theater and asking movie goers to go home. This is the most embarrassing thing ever.  But again, they are criminal minded. Nothing good can ever be expected of them.

6. Salman fans have no self esteem.  They are despised even by Salman. Funnier than this is that he does not ever reply to their questions on Twitter. When needed he slaps them. He even called them idiots.Yet they go after him humping with their mouths, " Salman bhai Salman bhai".  Meanwhile, Srk fans have such high status that Srk himself honors them.  He always makes sure to reply to them on his twitter.  When possible he retweets their messages.

7. Salman fans are lonely porn addicts. They know that their idol can’t act and his movies are stupid. They still like him only because he has a shaved body which often gets exposed by him…also because he is unmarried. It gives them hope that they are not the only ones who get dumped by their partners. Srk fans have a life. 

8. Salman fans hate Srk because he is loved by all and is considered the King of Bollywood. Srk fans hate Salman because they are against injustice caused by him. 

9. Salman fans remain in denial about the fact that Salman is not as big as they think he is. Also they are so dumb that they do not even understand that Salman will never get to the height where Srk is. The guy simply lacks the charisma that Srk has. Ask the LA Times reporters. They will show how low Salman is. Meanwhile, Srk fans are proud of their own great taste.

Whenever there is a crime in an Indian city, rest assure that it is done by someone who adores Salman criminal.