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So what is exactly our Salman Khan saying inside the blanket? Did you ever wonder that? Well, he is actually asking a question here. Surprisingly, he did get a reply from his lower class janwar fans. Just see below:

Darwin's theory of evolution is still one of the most controversial topics in the world. Sure, it has problem, for we don't see monkeys turn into humans. In the midst of this, remains one theory which never makes it to the limelight. It is Darwin's theory of Salman Khan. He predicted that in the 60s a man was gonna be born who would slowly change into a chimp. We have him now in this world. As you can see it is none other than Salman Khan himself. The theory is named after him.

See this Salman Khan transformation now in slow motion. It is very important for you to focus on this. Will help you realize why Salman Khan is so animal like.

This is just the half photo. Do you wish to find out what he is exactly up to in the above pic? If yes, then see below.

But wait, this is just the partial truth. There is more. That is why, we have paused Salman Khan's abnormal head moving habit and concentrated more on his statements.