Shera Salman Corner

What should we call Bollywood's hottest couple? Salmara? Sheraman? What? Their love deepens everyday and so do the pictures. Thus, we have decided to have this new page. It is dedicated to this lovely gay couple.

That's why, they burned fishermen's homes

This is an item number from Kick. Yes this time Salman will dance with his husband Shera

This is made by a bhaitard who loves the Salman Shera jodi

At Salman's farm house

They should get the best gay couple of the year award!

Is Salman competing against Katrina? Looks like it.


So Sheru Takes Salman to movies huh?

Salman needs no Revital when Mr Shera is nearby

It seems Sheru has turned into a kid with his wife Salman

Now we know, how much Shera loves Salman

Whoa! Salman fasted for her Sheru? So sweet of her!

Shera Singh, the protective husband

Salman celebrates Diwali with his husband

This is what we call Homemade Titanic pose

Why is Shera Singh looking so lost here?

Wow, we have Salman's entire family in his wedding