Salman Khan is Now Gay: Proof is Here, No Joke

Update: For his SUREFIRE Signs Scroll down: We Have Laid Down 10 Solid Proofs There By Using Book.
Today, we won’t joke around. Instead, we will talk seriously about a juicy topic. Many wonder whether Salman khan is gay. We will prove to you that yes, he is. This is one of a kind post and will be a little lengthy. But we promise that we will not put you down. What we are going to reveal here today has never been even caught by Rajiv Masand. So let’s get started.

Aish-Salman affair did not work out.  She decided that he was worse than a butcher.  That was her point of view. On the other side of the line, Salman Bandar was terribly heartbroken. Since he is unpar gawar and can only think in bollywood style, he decided to show off his pain through Tere Naam. 

The movie was a success and then he signaled people that he could have many women just like Aish by doing a movie with Sneha Ullal, her lookalike.The movie’s name was Lucky, No Time For Love. Hmm, there is hint of his heartache for Aish even in that title. It is more like “Love breaks hearts, thank God, I am too busy to be in it”. The funny thing is that in one of the songs of Lucky, Ms Ullal was dressed like Aish.

Fast forward, Katrina was the next woman in Salman’s life. Even with her he did Maine Pyar Kiun Kiya. Probably, that time he was still hurt and Katrina wasn’t such an important person in his life. But after a while,  their relationship “bloomed” and then “died”. Things between them went shaky because of her chemistry with Akshay Kumar. Then suddenly Zarine Khan happened. She was the lookalike of Katrina. By the way, it is claimed that they met on the set of Yuvraaj. That was 2008. In 2009, Kato flew away with airy Ranbir.  And boom, in 2010, Salman showed to everyone that he could have any women like her by doing Veer with Zarine Khan.  So you see, somehow this guy openly shows what is in his mind.

“Ewww, women break hearts. They are no good. I’d rather be with another man” thought Salman. Suddenly, the love that was invisible for so long became visible in the form of Shera.  This man has been with him for about 16 years now. What took them so long to become one? There is something called Storge love style. According to it, some people fall in love through friendships and such love takes time to develop.  Check it yourself. You might find your own love style through your research. We are not kidding. Love styles are found in genes. So it is not just a topic from psychology, but also biology. Anyways, somehow Salman is always giving the hint of his love through movies. Remember Bodyguard? Through it, he introduced Shera to the world. let us review what happened during this time:
  • Salman’s character had the exact logo that Shera’s real security company has.
  • Salman khan mentioned that Bodyguard was dedicated to Shera. (*wink*)
  • In the title song, both the men were seen.
  • Shera was then interviewed.
And now? Ek tha tiger which to us is Ek tha Bandar. But wait, there is no way, this movie’s title was fixed during the writing of its story and script. As mentioned by Kabir Khan, the first script was designed actually for Shahrukh Khan. But he rejected the movie.  Then the entire script went through renovation to fit what Salman Khan wanted. And we know very well that he controlled almost each step of the making of this movie. So we can conclude that the title was chosen by him. Now there is hint of his love for Shera even in that. How? Think Tiger. This is the name of Shera’s security company and son. If you wish to verify if it is true just watch his interview. A few years ago, Salman Khan even gave a puppy to Shera. In the romantic world, it is usually a lover who gives such gift to his love interest. Another fact is that now he openly rejects the idea of getting married on national channels. Salman khan, we hear you!

For a few months, Shera’s pictures were seen even on Salman Khan’s twitter profile.  This does not make much difference though. The hints he is giving through his movies are enough to prove that he is now a gay. Don't forget Sher Khan and Dabbang2. Doesn't Sher remind you of Shera? As for Dabbang2, Shera himself will be doing a little role in it only because Salman wants it.

Is this unrequited love? No, not at all. The interviews given by Shera show that fire is burning in both the hearts!

Here is a bit of what he has to say to

"Reporter: People who know you well never call you Salman's bodyguard
Shera: That's so kind of them. Whatever they feel, but my prime motive is to take all his problems. I have been with him since long and would want to till I die. I owe everything to him."

Source: Times of India
This is on Shera Singh's birthday. Look at the salad plate. Doesnt it look like decorated for a new jamai babu?


Above, we simply focused on the psychology of Salman Khan. This time we will use a excerpts from the book “The Christwire Handbook:Saved in A Wicked World"  to prove to you that he is 100 percent gay. You have seen it all already. Here we would simply open it up to you a little more. A few points require investigation of the person’s hidden/intimate life at home. Since we do not live in Salman’s house we would be leaving them out. This post is based on honesty and truth. This strictly prohibits us from making things up. That is the reason why we will not touch those points. However, all solid evidence from his personal life will be provided here. Okay then, take a look at the first screenshot below.

We don't know how much time Salman spends looking at other men. However, it seems that his eyes are usually locked on Shera. Just see below.

The author is basically saying that homosexual people have a tendency to be strictly clean and despise body odor. Does it match the personality of Salman Khan? Decide yourself after looking at this:
Quite hard for us to believe that a man has a thing for handmade soaps. We thought even gays use Gillette, Dettol and so on. Anyways, lets go to the next one.
This needs no pictures. We already know that Salman Khan has a gym at his farmhouse. That is quite a safe move. Farmhouse is usually a quiet place for all kinds of secrets. Add a gym and a bunch of men to it and you will know what that would lead to.

It is hard to see Salman Khan in normal clothes. He is usually wearing those tight t-shirts and his pants seem to rip as he walks. Now we know why chooses to wear them. 

Interestingly, his being human t-shirts are no different. They are tight and he seems to be completely comfortable with them.
Salman Khan is known to go to London to visit his "close family friends". Don't bring in King Khan here. He has a house in London and he does not visit the city for "close family friends", but for relatives who have been residing there for years. 

Strangely, when Salman Khan comes to US for his so called head problem, he gets accompanied by men and not by his family members. Click  here to read about it. 
Normal men do not need to hold a party where women are not allowed. But probably for gay people it is different. Have a look at Salman Khan's birthday party.

There is a video of this behavior circulating all over the net. We have it here for you. Naked Salman Khan stares at a man and sings a love song.

We don't know about Salman Khan's favorite tv shows. However, he seems to be obsessed about item numbers of females. 

This needs no explanation. Salman Khan is known for being shirtless.  Above, you already saw how he loves to get naked in front of men. Does he flaunt his muscle in front of them. Well, yes. Click here to see this shocking truth.

Once again, Salman Khan's heavy drinking problem is not unknown to anyone. So there, we have proved to you that he is 100 percent gay.

If you are still not convinced here are some more proofs:

Shilpa Shetty was insulted by Salman in Dus Ka Dum. As a revenge, she told a secret about Salman quite loudly. Do you know what that secret is? Salman Khan used to wear Sangeeta's tights.

The reason given was that he was skinny and needed cushion. But here is the thing, men's tights back then were not uncommon. In fact, they were heavily worn in the west as protection against harsh winter temperature.

Here is another one from Sohail Khan's exemployee.